Star Citizen 3.8 PTU Patch 3.8.0m

Alpha Patch 3.8.0m has been released to PTU, and is now available to test! VERSION 3.8.0-PTU.3879175.

New Features


  • Minor criminal infractions (battery, vehicle collision, and vehicle destruction) will now not be triggered when against fellow party members.

Feature Updates


  • Adjusted view distance ratios for dropped commodities.
  • Adjusted difficult style patrol mission rewards.
  • Added an option to enable look ahead target tracking to engage automatically.
  • Spring movement on third person camera is now effected by user target offset.
  • Increased max rotation angle for the third person camera.
  • Added an option to disable look ahead completely.
  • Look ahead is now disabled during interaction mode and mobiGlas usage.
  • Reduced unarmed combat movement speed.
  • Updated and tweaked melee stun timing and VFX.
  • Added mineable resources to the new Lagrange point clusters.