Star Citizen 3.8 PTU Patch 3.8.0m

Alpha Patch 3.8.0m has been released to PTU, and is now available to test! VERSION 3.8.0-PTU.3879175.

New Features


  • Minor criminal infractions (battery, vehicle collision, and vehicle destruction) will now not be triggered when against fellow party members.

Feature Updates


  • Adjusted view distance ratios for dropped commodities.
  • Adjusted difficult style patrol mission rewards.
  • Added an option to enable look ahead target tracking to engage automatically.
  • Spring movement on third person camera is now effected by user target offset.
  • Increased max rotation angle for the third person camera.
  • Added an option to disable look ahead completely.
  • Look ahead is now disabled during interaction mode and mobiGlas usage.
  • Reduced unarmed combat movement speed.
  • Updated and tweaked melee stun timing and VFX.
  • Added mineable resources to the new Lagrange point clusters.

Games Video

TodayInGeek Plays Kerbal Space Program: Part 1 – Kernik Launch

Rob plays Kerbal Space Program with commentary. He creates and launches his first probe in 0.181.



Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

This is a ~20 minute play-thru of the left for dead 2 demo. After playing thru the demo around 10 times last night with some friends, L4D2 proved why it was worth the money of another full game. I cannot wait for the full game to release (in 3 hours) so I can clean up the zombie infestation with a chainsaw.

This game is rated “M” for mature and has not been edited

It’s better watched in HD.

Part 2



This is about a 25 minute look at the start of Borderlands for the PC.  The videos begin just after the opening cut-scene and go thru the first named NPC quest fight. I cut out some of the parts of going through menus and jumped from spot to spot a few times, I was going to put in transitions, but wanted to get the video up faster. After the boss battle, there is a short clip of using one of the new guns I picked up that shoots fire bullets! I suggest watching the videos in HD.

Game is rated M for Mature

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3